What the Shepherd Saw


What The Shepherd Saw is a chalk talk presentation by Joseph J Graber.

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You have heard the story about the baby Jesus in the manger.  You have heard about the shepherds, angels, and wise men.  But have you considered the lives of those who were impacted when King Herod killed the infants in Bethlehem?

This is a story of a shepherd who was there the night the angels brought the good news to the hills of Bethlehem.  He heard the gracious words, "Peace on earth, goodwill to men."  He was also there when the soldiers came and killed baby brother. Journey with the Shepherd as he tries to reconcile the words of the angels and the words of Jesus with the hard realities of life.  Rediscover the life of the Christ Child- from Christmas to Pentecost- through the eyes of the Shepherd.

Run Time: 35 Minutes

Closed Captions in English.

Special Feature: Two Ways Chalk Presentation